Self-Guided Audio Tours in Copenhagen


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The route is estimated to last between 2.5-3 hours and includes about 13 kilometers of walking / cycling experience.

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How it works

Open the Izi Travel App.

Tap My Profile on the menubar.

Scroll down to and tap Preferences.

Insert the password  in the Pasascode field.

Tap All Guides in the menu

At the top of the search field search for “cph best sights – audio tour.

Press “Start” button.

Find one of the numbered location and enjoy your tour in Copenhagen.

Explore Copenhagen on your own pace and get the stories about the folowing sites:

  • The Library Garden, Christiansborg Palace, The old stockmarket (Børsen)
  • Holmens Kirke, Højbro Plads, Gammel Strand, The grand synagoge, Vandkunsten
  • Roundtower, The church of our lady, Freetown Christiania, Black Diamond, Blox
  • The Royal Garden, The Citadel, Gefionspring, Amalienborg Palace & Nyhavn

Start your self-guided tour experience whenever and wherever you want.

We have put together stories from the most popular sights in Copenhagen. The voice from the audio guide is automatically triggered when you are near the places we have selected for you.

During this almost two-hour audio guide you will experience and hear stories about Christiansborg Palace, which formed the framework for Copenhagen’s first castle from 1167 and the first royal castles from the Middle Ages to the current castle from 1927.

The audio guide also contains stories about the social experiment freetown Christiania, which is the second most visited place after Tivoli. This was just a selection of the stories of the stories in the audio guide, which contains both facts, dramatic stories and stories about important people who have helped to make Copenhagen and Denmark the country we know today.


Walk or bike around Cphs best sights on your own pace

The self-guided audio tour includes:

  • Free audioguide
  • English language
  • Download the Izi travel app
  • Follow the route on the “cph best sights”-audio guide tour.
  • Gps-triggered stories
  • Use your own smartphone
  • Walk or bike in your own pace
  • Remember earpods or headphones
  • Duration: 2.5-3 hour
  • Tour length: about 13 kilometres

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